Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Siput Buluh Masak Cili

Although this was not my first time eating the bamboo clams, but definitely this was my first time cooking them..!! ...Saw this morning in Sheng Siong Supermarket, I saw the price was about S$10 per kg.. wow that's expensive...anyway, its rare that you can get this else where I just scoop lah..while scooping I weigh myself ...hopefully it did not goes up to 1 kg as my kids and parents would not like them..only me and Mr Hubby yang makan...

Thought of making it like the one I ate in the Carousel restaurant, but I am not sure how the recipe goes, so just cook my style ajelah..Stir fry chilli paste with slice onions and bruised lemongrass till fragrant. Add salt and msg to taste. Add in the clams and stir well. Stir fry till cooked. Ready

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