Friday, May 29, 2009

Telur Cepluk Tumis Air

Kids dish for today...this was my first dish that I knew when I first learned how to cook...Of course at that time, I didn't saute the onions and garlics cause scared of the hot oil...during which I just boil the water and dump everything in except the eggs... this time, I heat some oil, add in the garlics, onions and sliced chili and stir fry for a while till fragrant...add in water and let boil..I add in chicken cube, when water boiling, add in potatoes, cook till soft and add in dried soya stick, soo hoon and break some not stir as the eggs yolk would be separated..add in salt and msg to taste..let it simmer for while and turn off heat. Garnish with chinese celery, spring onions and fried shallots.Ready.

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