Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kembung Masak Kuali

Then comes Sunday, told Mr Hubby..'Today I gantung periuk!!!(hung my woks and pans)...he asked me 'what gantung periuk?'...a new term....which I learnt from being a blogger!!!..means?...'tak masak!!'(not cooking)....hahaha..cause very tired of the Saturday night incident and the 'project'..he cant say anything lor...ok we eat out...he agreed..
Told Mr Hubby my agenda for that day.. told him I wanted to get dried groceries for the month, like the cooking oil, sugar, rice and some other stuff...then to go to Geylang and get 'kotak hantaran' for my another 'project'..this Sunday...we started to leave the house in the afternoon and grabbed our lunch first before shopping for groceries...at around..evening when we reached Joo Chiat Complex..Hasif told Mr Hubby that he felt like vomiting..he rushed to the toilet and vomited ...Hai I told myself...not another one!!!..
Mr Hubby said..'Ok after dinner we go KK Hospital'... so we had our dinner at Mr Teh Tarik near Haig Road...Hasif didn't feel like eating..we force him to eat something..he still refused...not a normal him too...cause usually he will listen to us especially Mr Hubby (takut ayah dia)...anyway after much persuasion, he just drink the fish ball soup and ate 2 fish balls only...
When we reached KK Hospital, fulamak!!!..so many kids are sick!!!...I told Mr Hubby not another case like the previous night...waiting and waiting!!! ha..then Mr Hubby said..ok balik... balik pergi kat klinik rumah kita sudah!!!..so he sent Iqram, Marsya and me home first and he sent Hasif to clinic...the day ended with all of us very shacked!!!Penat wooohh!!!
The kembung masak kuali was Saturday's dish.. help yourself lah eh..

1/2 kg ikan kembung(mackerel) (ikan cencaru, selar @ tongkol pun sedap).
4 tbsp chilli paste
* 3 shallots
* 3 garlics
* 1/2 inch ginger
* 1/2 inch turmeric
* 1/2 inch galangal
* 2 lemongrass
1 tsp fenugreek (halba)
1/3 cup coconut milk
2 tbsp tarmarind juice
salt, sugar and msg to taste

Wash cleaned and drained the fishes. Marinate with salt and turmeric powder and fry.Leave aside to cool.
Blend *ingredients. with oil balanced from frying the fishes fry all the *ingredients till fragrant.
Add in the chilli paste and fry till cooked.Add in tamarind juice and fenugreek.If mixture is dry add, some water.

Add in the fried fishes and coconut milk. Lastly add in salt,sugar and msg.Ready to be serve. According to the writer she prefers to eat it the next day as the mixture was already soaked...
(I agree with her)
Sources:-From Cheiza@myr.com

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