Friday, May 22, 2009

Tag From Kakasma

Got this tag, from Kakasma, but sorry no picture ya... bukan apa, Mr Hubby and my photo tu MAHAL...tak boleh tunjuk orang, nanti cair...hehehe so this is what I can do ...answering the questions aje ya..

When was your engagement?
Cant really remember the month, but in 1990 or 1991?...I think..hehe

When is your marriage anniversary?
This coming 26th November -16th Anniversary.

How long have you known your spouse?
Since 1985. ..till now so 24 years lah..

How long did you date before you got engaged?
6 years like that lah..cause still studying and he got to go army…then after that 3 years engaged if not 4 years, but my side said too long, so cut to 1 year....cause tak ada hasil lagi baru start kerja….so save money firstlah…on the 10th year knowing him then got married (tua dalam kain) hehehe…

Where did you meet your spouse?
In a bowling alley, while both of us were waiting for ‘O’ level results..On my first day of work, bump into first thought just end there..but then one day I realised he was waiting for me to finish work …secretly …after that still thought nothing, but rumours spread that he was interested in me…from then.. it just happened… automatically..hehehe

Do you have any children?
Yes. 3 children. 2 boys and a girl. At first just thought of having 1, cause my scope of work was very tiring and stress at that time... but then see my son so kesian got no friend…so when he was 5 years old then he got a baby brother..thought the 2nd one can get girl…sekali scanned boy…huhuhu….really really thought that was the last one…then thought again, eh no girl ke? we decided ok CONFIRMED, this time last and we will accept what ever the sex was..Alhamdullilah, girl!!!That’s it factory closed!!!

Do you have any pets?
Yes fishes in the pond..That's Mr Hubby’s job…

Do you own or rent?
Own a house here.. but only HDB Executive flat lah..pigeon hole house…hehe.

Do you live in the country, city/town?
In a new town

What is your favourite activity you do together?
Shopping for groceries..hehehe

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?
Yes, Mauritius, Maldives, Turkey and of course Disneyland USA..
Don’t know when get to go…maybe when Mr Hubby retired kot?.. get CPF money then can go…hahaha..

How many siblings do you have including in-laws?
Mine just 2. I am the eldest. Mr Hubby got 8. His the 6th..His youngest still not married yet.. so 7 married+spouses 14. + my brother+ spouse=17 lah..

What mosque do you attend?
The nearest mosque here is Masjid An Nur..Friday prayers normally the men in the house would come here..

Is this the mosque you got married in?
No, married in a house… cousin house, sebab that time no house…tumpang rumah orang..(part ni sedih)….

What town is your current address?
Woodlands Ave...secret..

Do you work or stay home?
Last time work lah…now into ‘home management business’…at home.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?
Langkawi… sebab tak ada budget…hehehe

Leave a piece of marriage advice
Cant really advice cause I am still learning everyday…although known him for half my life, What so far, I did, if Mr Hubby commented, sounded, scolded or advice, I will listen first to what he said, if I think I am in the right, I will explain why I did what I did.. but if I know I am wrong, just buat bodohlah…one more thing, men don’t like to be nagged..if the matter is small forget it… if the matter needs to be addressed, then talk to him nicely( of course see the situation at that time)…and jangan suka merajuk..or petty …kalau dapat hb yang rajin memujuk, oklah.. tapi kalau yang tak kuasa..parah jugak…and lastly I think its important, that is TRUSTING each others loyalty.....(dah sikit2 aje)..yang lain pergi explore sendiri…hehehe

Dah, Kakasma, I think I am spotting after all kan...hahaha..
True jugak just for fun...

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