Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Laksa Goreng Kerang

A quick breakfast menu for this morning... Since it was a very quick and simple menu, I was lazy to bring out the prawns and squids to be thawed, so I just put whatever the ingredients required...according to Diana, the owner of this recipe told her that some might like to put more cockles. As this laksa mee does not absorb water, the best way to cooked it was to fry it a bit runny and if wants a more 'kick' version, add in prawns and squids.

I halved the ingredients as not many in the house today..the chili paste also I didnt put much as Iqram also cant take hot..thats why my laksa mee looked 'pale'...and I think my laksa mee, abit dry.. should add in more water and next time I would like to add in eggs...

1 kg laksa mee(boiled)(me 500g)
2 kg cockles(boiled and take the meat)(100g for me)
2 fishcakes sliced
5 big onions minced (I used 2 onions sliced)
5 garlics minced
4-5 tbsp chilli paste(I used 3 tbsp)
$1 laksa leaves sliced thinly(daun kesum)
30 cents bean sprout
salt & msg to taste
1/2 cup water from the boiled laksa mee(air celuran mee)

Stir fry the minced ingredients till fragrant and oil comes up to the surface.Add in fishcakes, cockles, 3/4 of the sliced laksa leaves, 1/2 cup water from the boiled laksa mee and salt & msg . Keep on stir fry fpr the next 3-4 minutes. Add in the laksa mee and stir well. Turn off heat and add in the bean sprout and the balance laksa leaves. Mix well and ready to serve.

Sources:-From Koleksi Resipi Pilihan Diana blog

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