Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Roti Perancis Goreng Cili Sos

Alamak, actually I should have post this earlier or before the beef rendang, cause this was our breakfast this morning...ermm quite sometimes didn't eat this... normally during the fasting month, this was one of our break fast menu... simple and fast to cook..

Anyway while I was writing the earlier entries, Hasif has just came back from school, looking very down... I asked him 'How was your exam son?', his reaction was almost wanted to was his Physics paper...his answers was..' Ma.. I didn't do 1 question!!! and that question carries 10 marks!!!!..I asked him why?...he said he didn't read the instructions carefully!!!....

He said the instructions was to choose any 2 question...but he thought only 2 question and just do 1!!!!!....My heart stopped for 1 click!!!!!!!I said Oh no!!!...he then said, 'I begged the teacher to gave me another chance'...but she said' it would be unfair to the rest'...which I agree lah..then I just told my son, 'Well, there's nothing we can do now, except hope that he can score in other questions'...Hai, I told my son next time READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE PROCEED!!!...after a while,...with a sad voice, I told my son, like that how to go to Science class..'adding lime juice to the wound'...

1 french baguette cut into diced abt 2cm x2cm
2 big onions sliced
2-3 green chillies sliced
3 -4 eggs
3 tbsp chili sauce
2 tsp white pepper
salt to taste
oil for frying

Beat eggs in abowl and add in chilli sauce.Put aside.
In a wok, heat oil and fry the onions and green chillies till soft. Add in salt and pepper and stir.
Add in diced baguette and stir well making sure all the bread are fried. Add the beaten eggs into fried ingredients and stir well. Ready.

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